ABB Wet End Control offers process stabilisation, variability reduction and performance optimisation for newsprint & paper manufacturers

ABB has launched the latest generation of its Advanced Process Control (APC) to provide complete digital control over wet end operations, optimising productivity and profit for paper mills globally. Wet End Control — an ABB Ability APC solution for paper mills—stabilises the wet end process and reduces variability by controlling, monitoring and optimising retention performance.

ABB Wet End Control uses a multivariable model predictive control approach to predict future wet end process behaviour, making automatic adjustments to stabilise ash levels, reduce white water consistency variability and minimise chemical and filler dosages. This results in improved machine runnability by helping to reduce sheet breaks, and accelerating grade changes and break recovery. Paper mills can then track performance from the wet end to the final sheet. It is available as a subscription-based service delivered via ABB Ability Collaborative Operations, with structured remote monitoring and expert analysis of control performance for sustainable results.

Reduced environmental impact

In addition to its impact on productivity, Wet End Control helps to minimise raw material, chemical costs and broke usage, ultimately reducing the environmental impact and leading to lower steam consumption and increased energy savings. Ramesh Satini, Global Product Manager for Pulp & Paper Control Systems, ABB, mentioned that the continuous monitoring of wet end operations is crucial to driving process improvements.

He added that ABB has developed its Wet End Control solution to address the need by automatically managing targets and implementing cost efficiencies within process constraints. By adopting this ABB service, paper mills will benefit from ongoing insight and collaboration to optimise stability for long-term gains and minimised operator interventions.

Dynamic model adaptation

Wet End Control is part of a fully integrated quality measurement, control and optimisation solution that works seamlessly with ABB Ability 800xA control system or a third-party alternative (via OPC interface). It allows dynamic model adaption to capture varying process dynamics for tighter control, while optimally working within operational parameters to maximise the economic gain. The solution is suitable for all mills seeking a quality measurement, control and optimization solution that enables paper specifications to be met at the lowest possible cost.

ABB has been one of the trusted partners and leading suppliers to the pulp and paper industry, offering deep expertise and a comprehensive portfolio of integrated digital solutions, automation and electrification systems, industry-focused products and comprehensive services to help its customers optimise all phases of newspaper and papermaking process. ABB boasts of over 1000 pulp and paper professionals who serve customers in over 50 countries.

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