About Us


We, at Print & Publishing, have always been looking at making pioneering efforts in bringing out the best coverage of the printing industry. While there has been an important role of commercial printing, publishing and packaging, an equally important contribution has always remained of the newspapers, demanding an equal attention. The recent launches of new English dailies in Mumbai and other languages editions here and there, clearly indicate this phenomenal growth while more of such newer territories are yet to be unveiled. Also, the recent nod of Indian government allowing 26% FDI in media and allowing facsimile editions of foreign newspapers in India have paved the way for better exchange of ideas and technology within this vast industry. Indian web machinery manufacturers are techno-savvy and are competing in the global market. Some of their machines are quite popular abroad. The demand for newsprint too is growing at a rate of 6-7% per annum. As a part of this growing trend, forecasted earlier by us,

we started addressing this industry by dedicating a separate section within P&P called ‘Newspaper & Technology’ two years back. We received great reviews from newspaper industry professionals, who in fact have been persuading us to bring out an independent publication for this fast growing industry. As a result, we have introduced ‘Newspaper & Technology,’ a regular publication to our readers’ within the rapidly growing newspaper industry. Hope our endeavour turns out to be fruitful for the industry. To make it more reader-centric and useful, we shall be looking for your full involvement and support in this venture. We shall welcome any suggestions and feedback to make this a complete journal on newspaper and technology.