Adopt advanced workflows for innovations

Advanced workflows are the tools to be seized! These software solutions can save valuable time for newspapers production houses, while at the same time innovation in prints can be attained though high-level of automation in the pre-press process. Nowadays newspaper houses are facing with new challenges of filtering out best of information and images to present it in printed or digital form in best quality as quickly as possible to their readers. In such practice, advanced workflows play a vital role.

Many pre-flight workflow solutions are designed for a reliable and efficient production process along with the standardisation and optimisation of print data. Such advancement in (pre-flight) workflow can also be used as a continuous colour server, making colour conversion and language change easier and reliable than ever. Likewise, there are well-crafted workflow solutions for automated image processing with advanced features, which are eventually responsible not only for optimising colour brilliance, sharpness, contrast and brightness, but also picture retouching that had earlier been done manually. It speeds up image processing enormously for newspaper publishers and enhances innovation in prints.

Doubtless to say that today is the day of next-generation newspapers produced using next-generation prepress software. Some software solutions offer a complete line of publishing production solutions for editorial management, advertising and circulation activities for the printed newspaper houses. Similarly, there are advanced solutions for responsive portals, e-papers or e-magazines, apps and social media platforms. Adoption of such advanced software solution in a newspaper production house is not meant only to make production workflow efficient but also future oriented.

On other hand, there are workflows designed especially for integrating folding solutions in the digital production. Such software sets all folder components fully automated and all the necessary job information is usually delivered via an open interface as a JDF file. This kind of workflow solution is quite advance as it checks every job for validity prior to run start, which in turn prevents press from stopping during production process. Newspapers production on digital presses is yet another strategy for newspaper houses looking for short-run editions in small towns or city pockets.

Here the strategic significance of adopting advanced workflows in newspaper production is that every newspaper house must commit to produce innovative prints to woo readers and most of all these technologies are future ready. It is also about indulging in fresh innovations that will overcome the limitation of the conventional way of printing or producing printed newspapers. After all, it will help to give printed newspaper a new future.

SM Dutt

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