All geared up for INMA Global Media Award

The International News Media Association (INMA) has set schedule for its landmark award ceremony—The 83rd Annual Global Media Awards Ceremony that will be held on June 4, 2018, at the Mead Center for American Theatre in Washington DC. The gala will be part of the INMA World Congress of News Media.

The INMA Global Media Awards competition recognises the initiatives of news media companies that produce: Breakthrough Results; Unique Concepts; Strong Creativity; Innovative Thinking; and Winning Synergies Across Platforms. The contestants will be judged against peers of a similar genre and focus worldwide.

For news media companies, entering the INMA Global Media Awards competition makes them shines a light on their best innovation and growth initiatives. It also motivates and focuses staff, agency, stakeholders the company has been associated. The awards are benchmarks of the best efforts of the winning companies against their peers’ best efforts. Moreover, winning the INMA Global Media Awards competition is about recognition, respect, and prestige for the winner, the brand, the department, the agency — and the company.

Award categories

Best Brand Awareness Campaign: Campaigns used to enhance and shape the media company’s brand or image across media platforms.

Best Public Relations or Community Service Campaign: Public relations, sponsorship, community service events, fundraisers, literacy programmes, and volunteerism campaigns presented by the news media company for the benefit of the company or community.

Best Use of an Event to Build a News Brand: The creative selection and execution of an event tied to and enhancing a news brand or key segments of a news brand and/or generating revenue.

Best New Print Product: New print newspapers, magazines, supplements, or niche products that creatively augment or connect with audiences or advertisers.

Best Use of Mobile: New smartphone or tablet apps, web sites, or services (i.e., m-commerce, QR codes, BeeTags, augmented reality, SMS campaigns, location-based advertising and couponing) that creatively and successfully connect with audiences or advertisers.

Best Use of Video: Creative use of video in a digital environment that improves the customer experience and engagement with the news brand. The video initiative may have appeared on social media platforms, digital platforms of media companies, or any other platform.

Judging process

INMA selects a representative panel of highly qualified executives worldwide to judge the Global Media Awards, because judging is done online using digital images. Generally, the INMA Global Media Awards are categorised into one First Place, one Second Place and one Third Place for each group within each category. In some cases, judges may omit awards or advise additional awards.

Judges will designate a ‘Best of Show’ winner among First Place recipients, along with regional winners for Africa, Asia/Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America, and South Asia. There must be a First Place recipient from a region to qualify; otherwise, INMA may combine regions for the purpose of rewarding regional excellence.

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