First IDSm from manroland India installed at Kala Jyothi Printers

Recently, manroland India has installed first IDSm (InlineDensity Control motorised) system in India at Kala Jyothi Printers in Hyderabad. The ink measuring system (IDCm) has been installed on the leading commercial and newspaper printer’s 38-page Komori System. Kala Jyothi Printers approached manroland India for the installation in April this year. The project once again demonstrates a successful joint collaboration of German engineering and Indian flexibility.

Kala Jyothi Printers is known for its all-under-one-roof activities, catering right from a few copies of personal stationeries to a hundred thousand plus copies of 24-page colour broadsheet newspaper, books and magazines. The company’s landmark adoption of IDCm from manroland India has enhanced the overall quality in print of the company. The ink measuring system, developed by manroland and grapho metronic (Munich), is designed for narrow 16-page or 32-page commercial printing systems.

IDCm is for optimal manning of the press, quality assurance and quality documentation – and as a result, it reduces waste. Printing systems with the latest cutting-edge technology enable printers to have a competitive edge in the market. Those who capitalise on a retrofit of an older machine with IDCm are equipping themselves with an inline ink measurement system for the first time. IDCm uses a traversing measurement module that achieves a low cost price and an easier, less complicated upgrade process. IDCm measures and controls ink metering to comply with given target resources in personnel, time and materials.

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