GOSS and Nitta partner over production of folder belts

GOSS and Japanese company Nitta Corporation have collaborated in developing MRO Belt Kits for the high-speed sections on GOSS PCF-1, PCF-3, SG-3, and the new JF80G Folders. Nitta Corporation of America has developed the products specifically designed for diverse range of printing folders that GOSS manufactures, using the most advanced technology available. “It is our great pride to partner with GOSS, a leading press and folder manufacturer in the world,” said Pete Simpson, business development manager of printing at Nitta Corporation.

What it reflects in the new and collaboratively produced products includes GOSS’s engineering, support, technical expertise, and hands-on approach. Nitta sets itself apart in that they offer free splice training. Their belts allow the folder to maintain a constant speed and control. With consistent designed tension, high surface durability and improved resistance to edge fraying, Nitta belts are designed to last. “By partnering with Nitta, we will help our customers maximise production capabilities of their folders and receive real savings in terms of time and money,” mentioned Glen Bickford, GOSS service director.

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