GOSS upgrades plate-cylinder remanufacturing

The plate cylinder remanufacturing programme of GOSS provides Sunday 2000 and 3000 press users with the option to restore printing plate cylinders and plate lock-up mechanisms to near new functionality and performance. This is a great way to save money and extend cylinder life. The upgraded features of the newly manufactured plate-cylinders include: Reduced plate cracking; Decreased plate cost; Reduced blanket damage; and Improved print quality. It also makes savings on ‘make ready time’.

The upgraded kit consists of a new plate cylinder with revised lock-up bar and spring geometry, as well as an improved tail-tucker bar. The new lock-up geometry greatly reduces the sensitivity of the plate-loading process to improperly bent or loaded plates. The result is a reduction in plate cracking, saving time and money. A revised tail-tucker bar improves plate loading while reducing scratches, and a newly designed spring arrangement reduces maintenance time and frequency.

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