Innovations vital for print to sustain survival

SM Dutt
SM Dutt

Despite the total downfall expectation printed newspapers nowadays seem to have found light on the other end of the tunnel. The industry is quite alive and kicking phenomenally in a better shape in India. However, challenges still linger in the market. In fact, in such a critical transition phase we must exploit the print power, wisely, to pull attention of readers and those advertisers who increasingly feel difficult to take decision. For that what printed newspapers need to do is to be ‘innovative’ as innovations can sustain their survival to an extent.
Survival of print is not all about beating digital. Print and digital are two sides of the coin. Both have advantages of their own, and they can go together side by side. Print ads still have vivacity in this digital era when there is the growing problem of ad blocking by readers on their digital devices. In this context, print media is becoming a dynamic force in the advertising mix. Although lower in volume than what it was a few years ago, advertising in printed newspapers still has the power to address readers directly and amplify effects.

Newspaper houses must now accelerate with the innovations implementing user experience and advertising impact. They must invest a bit extra in materials and technologies for the production of higher-quality prints enhanced with new layouts and ideas, strengthening the competitive edge, attracting readers—both young and old, in which generation-x are important. For innovations in prints, UV applications on glazed newsprint churned on cold set press offer standout outlook, giving greater value to advertisers.

Overall idea of innovations is about making a difference, relating to the life and desire of the reader. Newspaper houses must able to make their readers think every day that every copy of the newspaper is doing something new, unique and important. In case of localised news in newspaper, there is another advantageous option of retrofitting digital press, which can partially print area-specific news or classified ads, pulling attention of neighbourhood readers. This may surely give newspapers a handsome jump to their circulation and revenue.
As I mentioned above, prints can walk together with digital connecting to new platforms for innovative production. In this, we have seen many printed newspapers in various developed countries start using digital technologies, such as QR Codes, VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) embedded in articles or classifieds to engage readers, especially gen-x readers, in a different way as these platforms can lead them to related videos or websites. Now is the ideal time for news publishers to take the advantage of this trend for innovations.

Let’s hope we all grow to another innovative level in 2018—Wish You A Very Happy & Prosperous New Year!

SM Dutt

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