North America on radar of ppi Media

Markus Feldenkirchen, CEO of ppi Media US, has successfully established the company’s new Strategy & Innovation Division over the last year; so now he will focus increasingly on the Northern American market. He has stepped down from his role as managing director of ppi Media GmbH in order to focus on ppi Media’s operation in the US, which is of vital importance to the company as a whole, as CEO of ppi Media US, Inc. Along with managing ppi Media’s US branch, Markus will be responsible for the coordination of the activities of two further subsidiaries of the Eversfrank Group in the US, comosoft and Novadex.

Eversfrank Group’s subsidiaries hope to create important synergies within its media division, to which comosoft, Novadex and ppi Media all belong. The company’s division Strategy & Innovation was created in mid-2016 and has since seen the successful launch of several digital solutions such as the location-based online service via social media wall LeagueDeck.

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