PAMEX 2017 to showcase generation next technologies from all over the world

The countdown begins for PAMEX 2017. The show will be organised from December 18-21, 2017 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai. Here, AMSG Ashokan, president, AIFMP shares his views on the upcoming PAMEX show, in conversation with Varsha Verma from ALL ABOUT NEWSPAPERS.

Tell us something about the upcoming PAMEX 2017?

Ashokan, president, AMSG
Ashokan, president, AMSG

PAMEX is an International Exhibition on Printing and Allied Machinery Industries by the Printers, for the Printers, of the Printers.

PAMEX’15 had sold 7400 sqm net. We expect PAMEX 2017 to close between 10,000 and 11,000 sqm. This would mean a growth of 50 percent. We had kept our target at 12,000 sqm. This year total number exhibitors will be more than 300.

In the last PAMEX, we saw a footfall of around 44,000 visitors. This time with aggressive promotion of PAMEX, especially at tier II & III cities, we are expecting to witness a footfall of around 75,000.

Due to GST, we had suffered an impact, so we have appealed in the Commerce Ministry to assist our exhibitors with special exemptions so that they can bring in their machines for the exhibition.
The exhibition will showcase generation next technologies from the worldwide solution providers across various categories like pre-press, in-press, post press segments and more.

What has been the response of the road shows and Print Yatras?

The promotional campaign for PAMEX 2017, the most celebrated show in the printing industry, kick started with its very first road show in Amritsar on September 17, 2017. After that 54 road shows have been set at regional levels as well as internationally at Dhaka and Colombo.

The road shows have been carried out in the cities of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Goa. Everywhere printers gathered in huge numbers. Our target is to reach the printers in two tier and three tier cities; there are printers who have lot of potential to grow but the awareness and technical know-how is lacking as it is difficult for them to reach out to big cities or visit international exhibitions.

Through these Road Shows and Print Yatra, we are trying to reach out to them and inform them that they can visit PAMEX where they can witness and see the latest technologies and machines on display, meet the right industry stalwarts who can help them to grow their business. We want to make PAMEX a national event where visitors from far places can attend, in addition to those regulars from big and metropolitan cities.

Printing Yatra is still ongoing and it turns out to been a successful print expedition. The yatra promoting PAMEX 2017 took off from Lucknow on November 13th and covered multiple cities. In every city it got a rousing welcome. UP and Punjab – everywhere the response can be measured in terms of huge turnout of printers.

What would be the major highlights at PAMEX 2017?

Earlier we used to have participation of International exhibitors through their local agents but this time we have exclusive pavilions for the countries like China Japan, where visitors can meet overseas company representatives directly. Key highlights at the show will include:

  • Running equipment’s in the Press and Post-Press segments.
  • An mix of exhibitors ranging from Digital, Offset, Pre-press and Post-Press segments
  • Live machine demonstrations and new product launches.

Any message to our readers?

As a proud printer, I can only say this to my fellow printers that though this a trying phase for our industry, it will be over soon and we all have to do is work together, think alike and move in the direction which only leads our industry on the path of progress.

In India, printing and packaging is an industry, which is witnessing the growth, unlike other industries undergoing a phase of stagnation. For the printing industry, I would say there is a steady work in progress. New people are joining our industry and fresh blood is getting infused. I am sure the youth of our country, with their energy and ideas, will take the industry by leaps and bounds.

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