ppi Media acquires publishing expert KnowledgeView

London-based company KnowledgeView Ltd, producer of digital publishing solutions for the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region, has been acquired by ppi Media. As part of the new venture of the two companies, founder of KnowledgeView, Dr Ali Al-Assam, will join ppi Media from northern Germany as senior vice president for the MENA region.

Jan Kasten, CTO, ppi Media; Dr Ali Al-Assam, founder of KnowledgeView; and Dr Hauke Berndt, COO, ppi Media
Jan Kasten, CTO, ppi Media; Dr Ali Al-Assam, founder of KnowledgeView;
and Dr Hauke Berndt, COO, ppi Media

Acquisition of KnowledgeView, a leading provider of publishing solutions to the Arab region, by ppi Media will bring a fresh development into the region’s news media and publishing domains. Customers of KnowledgeView in the MENA region will get excellent support services from ppi Media, a company with more than 30 years of experience in providing comprehensive support to media companies, for all levels of support. In fact, the customers will be able to benefit from this experience in the implementation and support of more than 100 prominent publishing houses and media corporations all across the four continents.

In addition, ppi Media provides customers the chance to upgrade to the solutions of the company’s wide range of publishing services. Apart from KnowledgeView founder Dr Ali Al-Assam to join ppi Media as senior vice president for the MENA region, Roberto Minio from the company will also be working for ppi Media as senior technical consultant.

Broad production solutions

Hauke Dr Hauke Berndt, managing director, ppi Media said the connection between ppi Media and KnowledgeView means that they would be able to offer media companies in the MENA region a very broad range of production solutions. “We will support the solutions currently in use, while at the same time offering future-oriented services that will ensure media companies remain competitive. We are proud to be able to work for KnowledgeView’s customers, who are amongst the leading Arabian media companies, from now on,” he added.

KnowledgeView was founded 22 years ago. Since then the company has developed outstanding publishing technologies that are being used by more than 60 percent of the most important newspaper productions in the Arab region. Then the company’s connection with ppi Media, according to Dr Ali Al-Assam, is a big milestone through which their customers and the media industry as a whole will now benefit from even better services. “I am proud to be able to continue working for the Arabian publishing industry with my colleagues as part of ppi Media, and to meet the challenges the media landscape is facing with,” asserted Dr Ali Al-Assam.

KnowledgeView offers the latest technologies in cross-media publishing, advertising, news communities, and newsrooms/editorial solutions. The company’s solutions help news publishing houses publish live for news communities, enabling associations, publishers and news groups to create communities around content, deriving maximum revenues from subscriptions and advertising. KnowledgeView’s publish live suite of products and services enables publishers to extend their reach and increase revenues, through easy multi-publishing to paper, web, smart phones and social networks.

Client base

Some of the leading customers of KnowledgeView include Geopolitical Information Service (Lichtenstein), Saudi Research & Marketing Group (KSA), Qatar News Agency (Qatar), Dewan Architects & Engineers (UAE), Australian Associated Press, Dow Jones Newswire, as well as over 50 media companies in the Middle East, providing consultancy and technology. Now the customers of KnowledgeView will get support service from ppi Media, a leading international workflow specialist for newspaper and magazine publishers, as well as printers, corporate publishers and groups, and SMEs.

Main focus of ppi Media always lies in the development of highly efficient software solutions on a global scale. Around 80 percent of all daily newspapers in Germany are produced using ppi Media products and company’s installations can also be found largely in Asia, Europe, Africa and US.

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