Sigmarq reckoned as a ‘total solution provider’

Its newly developed BOOKMARQ model will soon be running at a key client’s facility

Sigmarq, a leading web offset press manufacturer in India, is reckoned as a ‘total solution provider’. The company has been keeping itself occupied in adding values to its product line unceasingly. Rajesh Ghorpade, Managing Director, Sigmarq Technologies Private Limited, tells All About Newspapers about their creation of a new manufacturing site and new presses.

While coming out of the dark, Sigmarq planned and executed all their actions concerning the creation of the new manufacturing site and that is the most precious and dreamlike development at their end. “As far as the technical developments are concerned, by way of applying few novel ideas, we have successfully created afresh, an affordable book printing tower, a simplest version of reel splicer as well as the Folding unit too,” says Rajesh Ghorpade.

He continues, “Right now, we are in a firm position in justifying the common Book Printers’ requirements and are ready to deal with the post-COVID-19 market demands/requirements, at bearable costs.” The company’s newly developed ‘BOOKMARQ’ model will soon be running at one of its prestigious client’s location. This model offers 30K running speed and the same can be even used for low/medium circulation newspapers too.

At Sigmarq, it has been continuously updating itself to acquire various kinds of technological amendments, in both mechanical as well as the electronics arena. Therefore, the company Sigmarq, which is reckoned as a ‘TOTAL SOLUTION PROVIDER’, is keeping itself occupied in adding values to its products unceasingly. “Even during the stringent COVID-19 times we worked for devising the solutions not only to the newly developed systems but on fulfilling the customers’ demands as well with both online and practically onsite support,” says Rajesh,

He adds, “In the present scenario, unless someone has a thorough knowledge of what they are offering to the industry, and at the same time possesses the continuous learning aptitude, survival of the business is difficult. Right from the first day of venturing into the present business, we are in, both these aspects are our lifelines.”

To name a few new things at Sigmarq will include plate positioning actuation for minimising the plate loading time, compatibility with inline imprinter, easy to mount type tension variator, adding 5th colour printing facility to existing 4 colour tower in view of making it 5×5 tower and so on. During the peak pandemic times, Sigmarq supplied a CRUSADER Five Tower Newspaper press with Autopasters and Spray dampening System to a valued client M/s Navjat Printers and Publishers, in Bhubaneswar.

“We have exported a machine comprising Five CrusaderTowers with two folders and 5 reel stands for the purpose of newspaper printing to Dhaka, Bangladesh. With this stepping into this market, we are looking forward, for supplying few more configurations in the Bangladesh market in the coming months, both for newspaper as well as book printing,” mentions Rajesh.

He adds, “Additionally, three printing towers are being exported to Kenya with 533mm and 630mm cut off, to add it into the fleet of presses already running there for last almost four years.” In the recent years, Sigmaq has been attentively listening to the requirements of their clients and have gone an extra mile to advise and provide them assistance prominently in the conversion of their electrical systems from shafted to shaft-less and adding on various utilities like Ink Zone control systems and Tension Variators, in their existing press lines.

Likewise, whenever the customers of Sigmarq come up with any specific requirement like modifications in the folding styles from conventional to some type of Delta Fold, Utility for Double Digest folding, Additional Cross-Perforation, Stitching or Gluing, etc. they do not leave any stone unturned until the desired end results are accomplished.

In a nutshell, slowly but surely, Sigmarq has emerged as a lone service provider in its area, which is professionally offering its expertise to the interested parties, irrespective of whose presses are being run at whose printing facilities. In this, Rajesh says, “We believe that style is differentiating us from the others in the Industry by large margins.”

Sigmarq is recovering from pandemic situation and they are hopeful that the coming years are better for the industry, keeping themselves on toes in searching for the opportunity to serve the newspaper segment in and the printing industry in general.

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