Success story of SIGMARQ in rejuvenating a Japanese pressline to match with the current industry trend

Kolhapur-based SIGMARQ Technologies, one of the leading web offset press manufacturers in India, is now fully contented about their successful endeavor in rejuvenating a Japanese pressline to match with current industry trend. This exercise began with the press manufacturer’s first interaction with a leading south Indian newspaper printing house.

The reputed newspaper house in south India had recently invested in 5 Towers of SIEKEN 450 (made in Japan) of the last generation and a Folding Unit with no Reel Stand or Autopaster. “This major client of ours in South India has already accredited and treasured our abilities while seeing our efforts in installing a couple of our Printing Towers at their production centres which are running flawlessly since its commissioning,” says Rajesh Ghorpade, Managing Director, SIGMARQ Technologies Pvt Ltd. He adds, “The moment they (client) approached us with a strong belief and desire in converting those towers to match with the present technological trends and connecting SIGMARQ made Splicers and Folder to the units they brought from the overseas market, we enthusiastically accepted the assignment.”

After that SIGMARQ reinvigorated the imported Japanese pressline with all new electronic components like modern trend PLCs and Latest Human Interface (touch screens) with new generation hardware and software. The company incorporated almost every latest feature like SIEMENS made Shaft-less System, SIMICS, its own Remote Ink Zone Control System and also interfaced third party Spray Dampening System, so as to enhance the pressline’s capability to the upper notch and extend the usability of the original machine to the maximum extent.

“Besides the upgradation of the printing towers, we have also supplied our high-end Autopasters FP5040, that too for its placement at right angle to the printing towers and our indigenously developed Web Tension Infeed and Outfeed alongside the Cut-off Compensator Systems. Likewise, we have supplied our sturdy 2:2:2 Folder with Balloon Former and Quarter Folding Utility, which could make the complete pressline quite comprehensive,” mentions Rajesh. The total gamut has been installed and commissioned recently, now put in regular production since then.

“At SIGMARQ, our hunger for adapting latest technology is continually enhancing our core competency, particularly in addressing Newspaper Printing Machinery needs. Therefore, we could successfully upgrade Hamada and Mitsubishi double width Towers (both are Japan made machines) to Shaft-less and completely renovate TKS Splicers with new generation electronic system” comments Pradeep Shirale, Executive Director, SIGMARQ Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

SIGMARQ has been producing a line of machines perfectly designed for mid-volume productions. “We have been working hard to offer the ‘right solution’ to our customers who are not only in India, but around the world today,” informs Rajesh, adding that they offer the best in class web offset presses and solutions for newspaper printing and production.

Rajesh conclusively says the main principle of SIGMARQ is to know the clients’ requirements and they strongly believe in their intellectual ability while offering the best viable solution at an affordable price!

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