Table Stakes Europe’s coaching programme for growing digital audience

In the past three years, Table Stakes Europe has supported 57 news publishers from 15 countries in their digital transformation. You, too, could benefit from this unique programme. As newsrooms strive to strengthen their digital businesses, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the most successful ones escape the losing trap of ‘general content for the general public’. Instead, they focus on identifying specific segments of their general audience, understanding their needs, and arming the newsroom, so it can best serve them through high-quality (digital-first, print-later and better) journalism.

The Table Stakes programme teaches change management skills to people working in news organisations. The organisations that participate in Table Stakes undertake specific — and significant — change management initiatives, including diversifying their revenue streams, embracing new digital platforms and expanding the audiences they serve. Table Stakes Europe is designed to help publishers drive digital revenue growth by focusing on audiences first.

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