Digital Media India 2017 for fresh ideas
to engage audience and generate revenue

Shedding light on the ongoing digital revolution in the news media industry, Digital Media India in its 6th edition returns to New Delhi, unpacking a handful of ideas to engage audience and generate revenue. Industry experts from both domestic and international domains will discourse over a string of invigorating resourceful topics at the two-day conference to be organised on February 23 and 24, 2017 at Aerocity, New Delhi.

Digital Media India 2017, one of the key events of WAN-IFRA (World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers) on digital news media for news publishers, is taking place in New Delhi. Main topics at the event this year will come under four broad themes—Growing Digital Audience; Distributed Platforms and Future; Advertising and Subscription Strategies; and Payment Models. The conference in both days will have two networking breaks and lunch, giving the delegates a chance to interact, intermingle and share thoughts and ideas with peers.

First day opening

The New York Times has set an ambitious target of reaching revenue of US$ 800 million by 2020! This will be the opening discussion at the conference, in which Michael Golden, vice chairman of the leading American daily, will talk about the newspaper's future plan giving his vision on it futuristically. The subsequent session will be followed up with the keynote address from Thomas Jacob, COO, WAN-IFRA (Germany), talking about the ‘World Digital Media Trends’.

Park Chang Hee, COO of the leading South Korean newspaper JoongAng Ilbo, will take on a contemporary topic ‘Faster Internet’. He will speak about seizing the chance to cope with the changing scenario in the digital news media world. South Korea is the country with the fastest internet speed in the world and has dramatically changed the way people consume content on internet.

As JoongAng Ilbo has experienced the fastest internet to serve readers online, Park Chang Hee will share the experience that can inspire India, where news media is moving forward with faster internet speed and increased penetration of broadband internet. Key points to be discussed in the session will include the way to create impact news business and how to attract the new generation of digital natives to news contents.

After the three speakers, a networking break will be taken for a peer interaction among speakers and attendees. In the post-break, a session will bring a discourse on ‘Revenue Ideas – Advertising’. In the discourse, a case study from one of the largest media houses with strong online presence in India will be the major highlight, showing how do they (media firms) monetise content and grow digital revenue.

Where are display ads?

How true the notion of the ‘Death of Display Advertisements in Digital Channels’ to reality? A case study on this will be presented by The Quint in this session, revealing the award-winning digital revenue initiatives carried out by this high-value digital journalism platform. Ritu Kapur, co-founder, The Quint, will host the session.

In the next session, topic of discussion will be on ‘virtuous business alliances’. Nationwide ad networks are becoming a way to maximise the revenue potential of digital media publishers. In Indonesia, publishers have joined together to launch Premium Indonesian Publishers Network. Find out how does it work and what are the insights in this session.

Subscription strategies

In the post-lunch on the first day, the conference will focus on Digital Subscription Strategies. Gunilla Asker, CEO, Svenska Dagbaldet, will host the session on building a successful digital paid content strategy. Svenska Dagbaldet, one of the leading Swedish newspapers, has increased its digital subscription by more than 150 percent in the last three years, all because of the newspaper’s unique story telling capabilities and a winning paid content strategy.

Further, in the discussion over subscription, The Hindu and Business Line will introduce BLoC, a unique strategy to organise subscription drive for digital properties. Vinay Kamath, associate editor, Business Line will talk about the strategy behind this initiative and the results.

Digital natives

After the third networking break, topic of discussion at the conference will be ‘Agile and Nimble Digital Natives’. Digital natives do not shy away from testing different strategies. Taking a note on this, discussion in the session will elaborate how digital subscription models are panning out and what are the strategies for pay models.

First day of the conference will conclude with a discussion on Digital Wallet – the key to e-commerce expansion. In India, digital wallet is expanding in a big way, with more players in the market are switching to it now. This trend is dramatically changing the spending behaviour of people in India. Discussions in this session will be on helping news publishers in their digital subscription strategy.

Audience engagement

Second day of the conference will start with a strategic discussion over ‘Engaging the Mobile Audience’. In the session, digital content strategy of Manorama Online will be the topic of discussion. Santhosh George Jacob, head content, Manorama Online, will host the session on digital content strategy of that won the coveted ‘Best in News Website Award’ at the World Digital Media Awards 2016. The discussion will focus on digital strategy of the online news media platform and the way that they plan to serve their community best using marvel innovatives line VR (Vertual Reading) and generate revenue.

The very next session will be on innovative ways to deliver content for mobile audience. As readers these days leapfrog from print to mobile channels directly, this session will pose a way to present the news in engaging way—a key learning from BBC’s constant innovation.

When it comes to audience engagement in this digital era, consumption of online video is on the rise, especially in the mobile medium. In this respect, video contents of various genres, not just news, are helping publishers to engage with the audience on mobile. In the session, a case study from an award-winning firm, which bagged an Online Asian Digital Media Award last year, will be a key point of discussion.

Mobile first approach

After the networking lunch break, main topic of discussion will be ‘Mobile first approach to distribute content’ in the session Content Platforms/Distributed Content Platforms. Ben Shaw, director, Global Advisory - WAN-IFRA (Germany) will narrate whether news media houses do it directly or through social media channels and content aggregators.

In the follow-up, a discussion will be held on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) presented by Google and other social networking channels. In the session, speakers will take on how news media houses are changing the way the contents reach the readers—challenges and opportunities; best use of the technology offered by platform-owners.

After the last networking break, one of the largest circulated daily newspapers in Japan that started the ‘Open Innovation Office’ will share how they experiment new ideas and help them in their digital transformation. Speakers in this session will take on how they see the digital future and their experiences so far.

End of the conference will mark with a session on digital natives, what makes them unique—the story telling studio from Vox. For further details, write in at:


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