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Dainik Jagran opts for
PRAKASH Sonic 2:2:2 folder

Latest update in the machine portfolio at the production facility of Dainik Jagran is that this leading Hindi daily has recently installed PRAKASH Sonic 2:2:2 jaw folder for PRAKASH 36000 speed press. The newly adopted folder is capable to handle 8 webs and it is featured with balloon former as well to give much desired flexibility. Now in production and running smoothly, PRAKASH Sonic 2:2:2 jaw folder has fly delivery with folded edge first, which helps the customer’s post-press conveyor system.

GOSS announces six
unwinder/splicers and rewinders

GOSS introduces its Contiweb hallmark of tension excellence by launching a range of six unwinder/splicers and rewinders developed specifically to address digital web printing requirements. Both the unwinder and the rewinder series are designed and engineered to be entirely modular, providing customers with an easy path to full automation at either end of the press line. Developed at the GOSS Contiweb facility in the Netherlands, known for the supply of splicers and dryers to the world’s premier web offset printers for almost 40 years, the new product lines have been designed to equal the Contiweb signature splice performance of 99.7 percent for digital webs.

Available in two web widths (30 inch and 42 inch), the ‘CD’ range of splicers/unwinders and the ‘CR’ range of rewinders are characterised with features that facilitate simple set-up, integration and day-to-day operation. These include floor-level loading and unloading of paper reels; unwinding/ rewinding in either direction; as well as motorised reel side-lay adjustment; all of which can be monitored throughout via an HMI screen on the unit. Each model is shaftless and uses pneumatically expanding core chucks driven by low-noise electric motors, which provide an added element of sustainability since energy generated feeds back into the electrical circuit.

Ink density measurement for newspaper printing
IDCµ, first product for ink density measurement for newspaper printing from manroland web systems, has recently been introduced. Now the product has taken up operation at Druckzentrum Oberfranken, a leading printer of daily and weekly newspapers in Bamberg, Germany. From day one, the newspaper printer has been using micro marks to precisely and reliably measure true ink density values. Efficiency of IDCµ is closely associated with seamless integration into the workflow. In combination with the new operating concept from manroland web systems, which is installed on the COLORMAN e:line in Bamberg, there are even greater advantages.

IDCµ does not have to be permanently linked to the pre-press stage, making it less complex than the conventional ‘image-based measurement’, which has to be elaborately calibrated with test prints and constantly requires pre-press data updates during production. For new and repeat orders, the Printnetwork PressManager (PPM) automatically provides all pre-set IDCµ parameters. IDCµ offers great measurement precision and excellent control quality within limited tolerance levels. Due to this concept, as opposed to ‘image-based measurement’ IDC cameras measure identical micro marks with a known setup across the entire web width.

In addition to improved quality, printing companies expect investments to achieve considerable drops in operator effort and material requirements, coupled with low operating costs. At Druckzentrum Oberfranken, IDCµ fulfils all of these expectations as the ink density measurement tool can take over the complete adjustment of inking. As a result, even a comparatively small team of operators is capable of securely handling the press.

Centro Stampa Quotidiani goes
for third with Q.I. Press Controls

Italian company Centro Stampa Quotidiani has once again opted to buy a Q.I. Press Controls system. Previously, the organisation placed orders for IRS and IDS on two of its printing lines. This time, IDS-3D is being installed on its presses. The results obtained with previous systems and the company's positive experience working with Q.I. Press Controls were decisive in clinching the third order.

The collaboration with Centro Stampa Quotidiani (CSQ) dates back to 2005 when the organisation purchased Q.I. Press Controls' IRS for colour register. Because of the competency of IRS, CSQ was able to cut back on material use and the system resulted in consistently high levels of quality. Over the years, the relationship between the two companies has intensified and a sense of mutual trust and loyalty is said to exist. Q.I. Press Controls is at the service of CSQ and this goes towards engendering an even greater confidence in the systems.

MADSACK goes for ppi Media’s AdX
Originated in the year 1893, when the publisher MADSACK founded Hannoverscher Anzeiger, MADSACK Media Group has been operating in a leading front since then in Germany. Today, with thirteen locations in nine states, the group publishes 15 regional dailies and circulates about 8,50,000 copies every day around the country. In addition, the media group produces 32 free papers and is also active in the areas of online and mobile content, TV and postal services. Today, the group is enjoying even greater flexibility while selling ads. The reason is they have decided to bank on the combination of ppi Media’s ad solution AdX along with Gutenberg Rechenzentrum’s ad booking system Vi&VA.

AdX is a front-to-back solution that combines the benefits of both systems into one highly integrated and comprehensive package that can be used to book and place ads across all media efficiently and effectively. In this, ppi Media’s planning system PlanPag will also be part of the programme. ‘Where exactly can I place my ad? Can you reserve this space for me? How much is that going to cost?’ These are the questions which MADSACK’s media consultants will now be able to answer directly to their customers.

Media consultants will now be able to locate any available ad space with the customer on the spot and they will be able to book ads directly and place them immediately. In this, customers will also be able to preview their ads on the spot. Highly integrated combination of AdX and SAP-based VI&VA system is the direct result of the new partnership between ppi Media and GRZ. MADSACK has been a ppi Media customer for years and user of PlanPag to plan their daily editions. This system is also being integrated into the new workflow. “Our decision to implement this new ad solution is the logical extension of our previous, very successful collaboration,” remarks Christoph Rüth, CEO, MADSACK Media Group.

All development and testing are to be finished by spring 2016 with a go-live date scheduled for summer 2016. In the first step, MADSACK will be using the ad solution for printed publications and later expanding to digital channels. ppi Media is one of the leading international workflow specialists for newspaper and magazine publishers, as well as printers, corporate publishers and groups, and SMEs.

WoodWing announces one-stop solution
for cloud-based managed content

Uniquely offering unlimited storage as part of its services, WoodWing Software has introduced Content Cloud, an innovative one-stop solution for cloud-based managed content.With this new offering, WoodWing addresses such essential requirements of magazine and newspaper publishers as the support of the latest channels, efficient distributed collaboration; easier distribution and sharing of content; and improving the return on investment in content.

Imposer: first manroland’s automated
imposition solution for digital and offset

Collaborative development between the Canadian company Ult imate Technographics and manroland web systems has introduced ‘Imposer’, which is the name of the new member of the digital print family from the latter. The software solution handles job-specific and automated imposing – for both digital and offset printing. Within the past 18 months, manroland web systems has succeeded in establishing its own software solutions for digital printing. MasterQ and WorkflowBridge, which fully automatically control digital finishing aggregates and manage jobs, are applied by printing companies around the world.

Hildegard Heckl, product manager-digital and head of team ‘digital’ at manroland web systems is sure that the new imposition software Imposer is just as intelligent and promises to be equally successful. It combines the specific expertise of its developers – manroland web systems supplied the core intelligence that describes the imposition logics based on the extensive capability of their devices and Ultimate TechnoGraphics executes the processing of the printing data. The software supplies job-specific imposed data that is perfectly prepared for digital and offset printing. Whether for printing books, advertising or newspapers – the Imposer is ideally suited for frequent job and product changeovers. This is where it can fully utilise its flexibility.

EFI introduces new color chart
reading spectrophotometer

Latest from EFI is a new colour chart reading spectrophotometer that automates and streamlines the press profiling process in Fiery driven digital colour production printing. This new EFI ES-6000 scanning network spectrophotomer is fully integrated into EFI Fiery digital front end workflows. As a result, print professionals can quickly and easily update profiles and verify colour to ensure the best possible color output from their digital presses.

EFI ES-6000 can read thousands of colour patches in minutes and accommodates M0, M1 and M2 measurement i l luminat ion condit ions. Graphic ar t professionals can manage the complexities of measuring optically brightened substrates now commonly used in digital printing environments. This spectrophotometer, supplied through EFI’s relationship with X-Rite, and EFI Fiery Color Profiler Suite, are integrated together to offer next-generation digital print colour measurement. Users gain a greater level of speed, automation and accuracy in digital press profiling over handheld spectrophotometers in multi-press EFI Fiery production workflows. Available now worldwide, the ES-6000 spectrophotometer can read up to 2,500 patches on a single A3/tabloid sheet in just 10 minutes.

AGFA Graphics launches latest Arkitex workflow
for newspaper producers and printers

For years AGFA Graphics has been a market leader in Newspaper Workflow with Arkitex. Just recently, the company has introduced its latest Arkitex Production workflow solution. With its single, integrated user interface, this latest Arkitex keeps all departments informed about the operations and their status, offering faster turnaround and increased productivity. Based on HTML5, Arkitex Production can be accessed, with full control, from any computer platform that supports a browser

Punjab Kesari Group’s 410th truck of relief
materials flagged off for migrants in Arnia

Recurrent terrorist activities in the border areas of Jammu & Kashmir often result in casualties among civilians living in the area and they are constantly compelled to migrate to safer places in Jammu district. The migrants left everything they owned behind.

In view of such grievous situation of the trouble-stricken citizens, Punjab Kesari Group (Jalandhar) recently released its 410th truck of relief materials to the migrants now living in makeshift homes in Arnia and surrounding areas of Jammu. Present at the landmark flagging off of the 410th truck of relief materials, sponsored by Gyan Sthal Mandir Sabha (Ludhiana), were Vijay Kumar Chopra, CMD and editor-in-chief, Punjab Kesari Group, Jagdish Bajaj, Ramesh Gumber, Bittu Gumber, Ramesh Handa, Rakesh Goyal and Lion JB Singh Chaudhary.

IPM Press Print approves
QIPC– EAE Performance Package

Q IPC–EAE has sold yet another Performance Package, which comprises anupdate of current systems from EAE and extra automation features from Q.I. Press Controls, ensuring greater efficiency and product improvements for printing firms. The package also helps bring about even faster ROI times than the products of Q.I. Press Controls and EAE do separately. This time it was IPM Press Print (formerly known as Sodimco) in Anderlecht, Belgium to buy the QIPC-EAE package.

The heartbeat of innovations @
drupa innovation park (dip)

Few areas at drupa 2016 (May 31-June 10, 2016) will be so packed with innovations as Hall 7.0 – the home of the drupa innovation park (dip). In six themed areas, around 130 exhibitors will showcase their innovations in workflow processes, automation and the latest print technologies. For the first time there will be an area devoted to successful business and marketing concepts. dip therefore offers visitors to drupa the unique advantage of being able to discover innovations and market-ready applications for creative print products and technologies in a convenient compact form. The solutions on show will be ideally complemented by presentations, panel discussions and interviews on the dip stage.

The key theme in the print industry is still process optimisation and automation – a theme that is the focus for CIP 4, which is once again a cooperation partner for dip. “Automation and Optimisation are topics that are not only current, but they are also essential objectives to accomplish in order for print service providers to strive in today’s print marketplace,” says Julie Watson, spokesperson for CIP 4. “JDF is the industry’s Job Definition Format standard capable of automating a multi-vendor environment composed of software and hardware vendors. Visit the drupa innovation park to see how JDF can help save time, consumables, and ultimately maximise the bottom line.”

In view of the growing relevance of cloud integration, the print industry is increasingly interested in security aspects. This calls for smart solutions – like those offered by Essen-based i1BOX and exhibitors in the Process Optimisation & Automation area. The maintenance-free miniserver stays within the customer’s premises, offers a sophisticated system concept and serves as the platform for many applications (such as data and job management, CRM, e-mail, groupware, file sharing and asset management), which can be configured ready for use. “It was important to us to develop professional server concept that allows the end user to use all the features and programmes they need from day one without committing their own resources,” explains Roland Orlik, managing director of i1BOX. The USP of Eggenstein-based Obility GmbH is the simplification of procurement processes.

The online-based systems allow both print service providers and their customers to simplify their in-house business processes by sharing print, web and IT technologies. “We’re delighted that Obility will be contributing to the heartbeat of innovations at dip again in 2016,” says Obility’s managing director Frank Siegel. This is just one aspect covered in the Web-to-Media & E-Commerce area. This area also focuses on solutions for web-to-publish or web-to-print, e-commerce & shop platforms, cloud publishing and web editors for design/ print and HTML 5.

In the Innovations in Printing Technologies area, exhibitors will present key technologies in modern printing and finishing, applications for functional printing, printed electronics and 3D printing and solutions for prototyping, visualisation and workflow. One of the exhibitors in this area is modico GmbH, which specialises in laser paper finishing, UV direct printing on objects up to 150 mm thick and 3D printing. When it comes to innovative print products, one of the first things that comes to mind is lenticular printing, the only finishing technique which allows images to be printed with the illusion of movement. One of the pioneers and leading names in the industry, DPLenticular, will once again be exhibiting at dip. “The drupa innovation park is an excellent opportunity for us to present what is still an innovative printing technology and reach new target audiences,” says Daniel Pierret, founder and managing director of the Irish company. The Lenticular Award will once again be presented at drupa, on June 2.

The other themed areas at dip are: Multichannel Publishing & Marketing Solutions: This area covers topics such as the management of cross-media contents/assets, web and app publishing, database publishing, and marketing and brand management solutions. Added value in print: The focus here is on finishing, further development and the advanced added-value of print products, including innovative substrates, new finishing methods, packaging, label printing and displays, green printing and secure printing.

Business models: Alongside technological changes, new business concepts and models have an ever more important role to play these and strategic cooperation and marketing platforms.

Winter Consulting, a marketing, communications & events agency, has once again been tasked with realising and coordinating the drupa innovation park.

WKS Group hooks to manroland
web systems for LITHOMAN relocation

A total of eight manroland LITHOMAN web presses have been running at WKS Druckholding GmbH with its stateof- the-art facilities in Essen and Wassenburg (Germany). Now a 48-page press at the printing site in Essen has been replaced by a used LITHOMAN, which is also a 48-page machine. As partner and expert for the challenging relocation, WKS intentionally opted for manroland web systems. Main reason was to guarantee a professional and reliable handling. Furthermore, the folding components of the press were upgraded and a PECOM connection with the new manroland web systems PECOM server was realised. This assures the best possible production stability and highest quality.

Unlike the old 48-page LITHOMAN that has been replaced by the investment, the new press contains numerous upgrades, as an example, stitchers or a retrofit of the drive system. In Essen it has been additionally retrofitted with components for A3 and A4 delivery. Moreover, the new LITHOMAN was completely connected to the PECOM PressManager (PPM) from manroland web systems. The retrofit secures the availability of the press. New functions like the PressMonitor for an ideal data management, a perfect visual displaying and an in-time reporting, guarantee an easy processing.

Frank Kreisel, area sales manager at manroland web systems, said, “The complexity of the relocation of the LITHOMAN was subject for an exact planning, a comprehensive preparation and a professional handling.” As all these components had been given, the installation could be completed very fast. In turn, the production on the relocated press could start as quickly as possible. To meet the requirements, the A3 and A4 deliveries, for example, had been retrofitted before the press was relocated.

ABB announces modular retrofit
solution for KT94 and KT98 systems

Replacing KT94 and KT98 families with its modern AC500 components, ABB announces a new footprint-compatible solution for replacing obsolete control systems, which have been used on a large number of printing presses. The adapter solution has exactly the same connection layout as the original K devices, but carries modern modules from the AC500 family. This means that no changes to the mounting and wiring are required. All existing interfaces are supported, including Ethernet, Arcnet, dualport RAM, CS31 bus, etc.

Complete compatibility with fieldbuses and the CS31 I/O bus mean that single modules can be replaced without disturbing the rest of the system. Systems can therefore be replaced in a step-by-step process. A wide range of adapters are available and the existing KT94 and KT98 software can be migrated – no extensive software modifications are required. Every replacement device is based on the trend-setting technology of AC500 series. This not only solves problems with the availability of spare parts but also makes additional functions available to the applications. Used in countless demanding applications worldwide, AC500 is a mature system in the middle of the active phase of the life cycle. The long-term availability of spare parts is guaranteed by ABB and parts are available from the local ABB organisations in over 100 countries and also from third-party suppliers. ABB is a leading automation supplier to the newspaper industry, which delivers solutions that provide unique and totally integrated end-to-end control, protect existing investments and provide management information essential to improving profitability.

Canada’s leading dailies adopt ppi Media software
Toronto Star, a leading Canadian newspaper, and Metro, a free English-language daily distributed across the country, are among the latest North American customers to start using ppi Media software. Both the newspapers are introducing PlanPag, planning software engineered by ppi Media. In addition, Toronto Star will be using AdPag to paginate classified ads.

PlanPag has the ability to automate complicated and expensive processes and to be integrated comfortably. Toronto Star is read in print and online by more than three million readers every week. Meanwhile, Metro editions are published in Toronto, Halifax, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. PlanPag has been in use at Metro since September 2015. AdPag will be functional at Toronto Star from the first quarter of 2016. Moreover, ppi Media workflow solutions are being connected to the ad booking system AdPoint. Metro has been using AdPoint for a number of years and it will now be installed at the Toronto Star as well. International software company Lineup and ppi Media collaborate to develop AdPoint.

PECOM-Upgrade ordered for Thairath Daily
Almost five years after one of the most comprehensive service upgrades for the printing industry worldwide, Vacharaphol in Bangkok orders another major PECOM-Upgrade from manroland web systems for the production of their Thairath Daily newspaper. The contract has been signed in June and the installation will be completed in December.

The six GEOMAN presslines at Thairath Daily were installed in 1995 and have been upgraded from 2008 to 2010. The dimensions of the presslines are impressing as the biggest daily in Thailand is printed on 24 printing towers, with 36 reel splicers and six folders. The comprehensive upgrade consists of different packages for the PECOM control system, including a modern operating surface and control desk computers, touch screens and consoles, the PECOM Press Manager Server (PPM) includes a Hot-Stand-By-Backup-Server, which, in case of errors, immediately takes over from PPM, and Press Monitor 2. This also guarantees highest production security. The production is controlled and analysed by the Press Monitor 2, which also provides master data for process optimiswation, the basis of the economical success of a printing house.

Henry Wurst to install a 16-page,
5-unit GOSS Sunday 2000

Henry Wurst Inc, one of the largest printing, mailing and marketing communications suppliers in the US, is set to install a 16-page, 5-unit Sunday 2000 press system in December this year. With speeds of up to 70,000 impressions per hour, the new system will replace two existing 5 and 8-unit presses at Henry Wurst’s Kansas City printing facility, while still increasing the company’s production capacity. The investment is part of the company’s long-term growth strategy to further extend its market lead and diversify its already extensive product range of both short-run, targeted or versioned products and long-run print jobs.

With a high level of automation, the Sunday 2000 system has been engineered for maximum print quality, productivity and versatility. It delivers these advantages around the clock with proven, long-term reliability. The press is also ideally configured for both short to mediumruns, with the flexibility to handle more makereadies and wider range of jobs. Founded in 1937, Henry Wurst has a long-established reputation for high-quality web-offset printing. It boasts a varied customer portfolio, from some of the world’s leading advertising agencies and corporations to small, local businesses.

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