Sakshi Media Group putting effort to do equal justice to both digital and print platforms

The unfolding of the era of digital media is on the card. It’s not something lying next door to happen. However, the medium in the India news media landscape has a different tendency. In a brief talk to All About Newspapers, Vinay Maheshwari, Executive Director & CEO, Sakshi Media Group, says the door distribution model in India is still alive and print is not dying tomorrow, but they are equally going for digital platform too.

Barring some metro cities, printed newspapers are still growing in various regional domains. Even the print advertising has been gaining double digit growth over the years. “There are many reasons why print journalism cannot die easily. Online is now gaining momentum of growth over the time. But the authenticity of journalism still lurks in the print medium,” says Vinay.

He continues, “Authenticity of journalism cannot be found through mere Google search or on social media platforms.” He argues that the most abundant thing on internet today is the so-called online news platforms—most of them are not justifiable as genuine source because of their nature, their approach of news making and dissemination among the target audiences they aim at.

Combining print & digital

Sakshi Media Group is present on diverse digital platforms. “Doubtless to say that digital platform is the need of the hour. It’s a powerful platform. Everything could be made on time, in time and every time on this platform. It means we never miss the bus,” says Vinay. He however mentions that the platform is now not as productive as it ought to be. No success stories have been heard from any publisher earning big through pay-wall.

“Pay-walls and digital ads in India could hardly help publishers in India generate more than 2-5 percent of their total revenue. Total transformation into digital for a new media house is equivalent to suicide in the current Indian market scenario. That’s why we need to maintain balancing the print and digital mediums. This will be the incremental change or way of working. That’s why we put a lot of effort to do equal justice to both digital and print platforms,” says Vinay.

A flashback

Sakshi newspaper was launched in March 2008. The Telugu daily published from Hyderabad gained recognition as the first

regional newspaper designed by renowned newspaper designer Mario García. As per the figure released by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) audit, the newspaper had an initial print run of 1,286,670. However, according to the ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulation) report in 2015, Sakshi is the second largest circulating newspaper after Eenadu with more than 1.15 million copies circulated in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

The newspaper began with 25 editions published simultaneously from 19 cities in Telangana (then Andhra Pradesh), covering other four metro cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore. This was a record acknowledged by the Limca Book of Records. Sakshi is now active on digital platform with all of its editions, including regional, are available in e-versions.

Digital platforms

Sakshi commits itself to give netizens interesting, thought provoking, trendy news as Sakshipost boasts of a team of talented and veteran journalists from across India. “We want to make Sakshipost an interactive website. This platform offers our readers that mews as it breaks, from across the world,” says Vinay, adding that the portal helps people catch news items as they unfold in politics, business, crime, sports, science, entertainment and technology, covered by a network of seasoned and committed journalists.

Covering a vast domain for different target audiences, Sakshi Media Group offers cool sites designed for people on the move and others across all ages and interests accessible through interactive, user-friendly mobile applications. is first on the website which caters to readers looking for quality content in English, in the Regional, National and International space across news and various other categories of interest. Similarly, is the Hindi news portal from the group, which is equally a comprehensive digital national news platform intended to deliver seamless news and information to Hindi speaking readers across the country.

Sakshi Media Group not only brings news as it happens but also provides in-depth market analysis and advice on the financial issues. The group has its own television channel too.

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