Rossel La Voix maximises reader revenue with advanced subscription management system

Groupe Rossel La Voix, one of France’s leading media groups, took the strategic decision in 2021 to unify their subscription management system into a single one. Sponsored Content

The group publishes 22 titles and manages more than 500,000 subscribers daily. Subscriptions account for 80 percent of Rossel La Voix’s revenue, so the group was determined to rationalise and consolidate the management of all its titles to improve the subscription experience for its readers.

When Rossel La Voix decided to change their subscription management strategy they were working with two subscription management systems that were reaching the end of their life cycle. It was necessary to update and unify the systems towards an updated platform suited for the new digital readers. However, transitioning form the two systems to a single one was a real challenge. The teams not only needed to learn how to use a new system but also change the way they worked to a more coordinated and centralised way.

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