Two-thirds in UK worried about fake news, only 15 percent ready to pay for trusted content

According to a new Yougov poll, Brits are more worried than their European neighbours about fake news as only 15 percent likely to pay for verified journalism. In the poll, almost 64 percent of UK respondents said they were concerned about fake news, higher than in Italy (63 percent), Germany (56 percent) the Netherlands (57 percent) and Sweden (48 percent). The survey into attitudes towards fake news was commissioned by Readly, a digital magazine subscription app, which surveyed 7,603 people in total. Brits were more likely to believe they are being frequently exposed to fake news, with 64 percent saying they saw such content often or very often. Brits were also most likely to think fake news will increase in the next two or three years, with 70 percent saying so.

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