Technotrans India provides steadfast cooling and temperature control solutions for newspaper presses

Deservingly considered as ‘specialist’ for peripheral units for the printing industry, German company Technotrans boasts a portfolio of cooling systems and fluid technologies for diverse presses, which include newspaper presses. The portfolio consists of products for the packaging sector too. In conversation with All About Newspapers, Partha Sarathy V from Technotrans India Pvt Ltd, talks about the company’s products and core competencies.

Partha Sarathy V
Partha Sarathy V

Dotted across 20 locations all over the globe,Technotrans Group of companies concentrates on applications within its core competence of liquid technology. The Indian subsidiary of the company was established in 2010. “In India, our activities involve in supply of spare parts and we provide after-sale services,” says Partha.

Over the years, Technotrans keeps expanding into new areas of applications within its core arena of cooling, temperature control, filtration, as well as measuring and mixing technology. The company has been a core partner for printing companies and machine manufacturers for more than 40 years. “Our customers rely on our products when it comes to controlling sensitive processes,” mentions Partha.

In India, a handful of leading newspaper houses adopts Technotrans systems. To name a few, the list consists of The Hindu, The Times of India, HT Media and Sakal Group. Whether it is project planning, installation, commissioning or maintenance, the team of experts at Technotrans knows all of the challenges that every customer must face on a daily basis. Partha says “Our mature solutions for newspaper production ensure ideal production conditions, which include dampening solution circulators, filtration systems, spray dampening systems, ink supply systems and water preparation systems.”

“Our delta.d eco is highly economical dampening solution circulator made available for both newspaper and heatset printing applications that meet all demands of cost-effective and process-optimised production,” explains Partha, adding, “The use of a digital scroll compressor, which continuously adjusts the cooling output to the actual demand, yields especially high savings in the area of partial load operation. High level of flexibility with a control range from 10 to 100 percent significantly improves the energy efficiency of the cooling unit, which eventually saves time and money, and ensures competitive advantages.”

Moreover, line dampening solution circulators are especially designed to operate with spray bars. With cooling capacity from 2-16 KW these units fit a wide range of application requirements, starting from small spray dampening systems with 1 to 8 spray bars up to medium-sized installations for single to triple width spray bars dampening systems. The line units offer the right solution with demand-oriented and economical concepts.

Technotrans filtration systems are designed to continuously and efficiently clean dampening solution that have been developed for printing presses of all formats. The result is a clean system, from the dampening solution tank to the trays in the inking units. Efficient filtration of the dampening solution is not only a great support for process stability, it also has a positive environmental impact by reducing the need for chemicals and additives. In this respect, Partha mentions that the overall strategy of Technotrans is a commitment to sustainable development.

“Adoption of suitable filtration units provides a permanently clean dampening solution cycle, which in turn minimises the extent of required cleaning on the printing press. As a result, there will be considerable reduction in operating cost at maximum machine availability,” comments Partha.

For the newspaper web offset presses, spray dampening system is an integral part and it considerably influences the quality of print result. With the modular spray dampening systems of Technotrans deltaspray.line, newspaper houses achieve a consistent print quality coupled with high process stability. With innovative and reliable technology, the line’s individual activation of each spray nozzle and automatic shutters allow great flexibility with regard to system configuration and ensure full control over spray pattern and dampening, all independent of web widths.

Nowadays printing presses are increasingly faster and more efficient, with increase in ink consumption. In this respect, Technotrans’ central systems, which supply all printing units with sufficient ink, are an important link in the printing process chain. Likewise, the company’s chillers provide cool solution for a better climate. Technotrans reliably ensures that their chilling systems are engineered based on their 25 years of engineering experience. Partha mentions that Technotrans chillers are used as in-built equipments in digital presses of Canon, Kodak and HP, apart from newspaper presses.

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