TechNova introduces NovaShield face shields to fight against COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 threat, TechNova Imaging Systems has begun manufacturing and distribution of NovaShield face shields. Made from environment-friendly recyclable PET material, key features of the face shields include: cushioned headband for comfortable prolonged usage, highly transparent visor for clear and unobstructed vision, and full frontal coverage for maximum protection, NovaShield face shields are easily fit over eyeglasses, with adequate breathing space.

CG Ramakrishnan, Executive-Director and CEO of TechNova, says that TechNova is committed to support the print industry, as well as the frontline medical professionals and essential services providers across India. He adds, “We recognised the need for face shields, as the first line of defense for the frontline COVID-19 warriors. Our team was quickly able to design and produce an initial batch of face shields and test them with a select group from the medical community and other user segments. Once we had their approval, we decided to go ahead with mass production of the shields.” NovaShield face shield is recommended to be used along with other PPE such as face masks, hair nets, etc.

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