Dainik Bhaskar orders six PRAKASH SG50 automatic reel changers for Nashik plant

Demands for PRAKASH Web Offset machines escalate! Soon after the recent orders of three press lines of PRAKASH Newslight 36 with SG50 automatic reel changer (ARC), Dainik Bhaskar has reposed their faith in the Faridabad-based web offset manufacturer. The leading Hindi daily has ordered six new SG50 ARCs for their Orient press in Nashik plant.

Installation of the six new SG50 automatic reel changers (ARCs) for Orient press in their Nashik plant has accelerated the production process of Dainik Bhaskar. SG50 is designed in an advanced way to boost production efficiency of newspaper press as it makes switchover of reel from one to another fully automatic. “In the high production process it is essential to have smooth reel change-over as each press stoppage causes paper wastage. Less press stoppages reduce non-usable copies during press start-up which in turn helps control operating cost,” explains Saurabh Gupta, director, PRAKASH Web Offset Pvt Ltd.

After all, Saurabh says they are quite delighted about the repeat orders of SG50 ARCs received from Dainik Bhaskar to fit on a different press in the newspaper’s Nashik plant. He adds that there are certain unique features of the machine that pull attention of their customers, instilling them to come back for repeat orders. Designed for press speeds up to 50,000 cph, some unique features of SG50 include its PID and diameter compensation, fully automatic operation, fully shaft-less operation, compact footprint, intelligent software, straight line paste pattern, maximum roll diameter of 50 inch (1270 mm) and option of buyback of old reel stand.

Designed to be able to pick each successive roll straight off the floor instead of off reel trolleys, SG50 eliminates the need for hoists, carts or reel trolleys. This automatic reel changer is featured with correct and consistent tension for proper splicing and web printing necessitate proper maintenance of required tension between the roll and the machine. In this, SG 50 features a highly responsive and sophisticated dancing roller system that maintains the web tension at a constant value, even while splicing.

SG50 ARC is completely ‘made in India’ with supply chain in five different countries. The automatic reel changer is compatible with single-width presses from any manufacturer. There are certain features of SG50 different from conventional reel changers. In this, Saurabh says SG50 ARC comes with state-of-the-art features like straight line paste pattern, intelligent software, diameter compensation as compared to conventional ARCs. He adds that all these features of the system help in achieving splice rate exceeding 99 percent.

“In addition, when it comes to further mentioning the unique features of SG50, small footprint and no requirement of separate hydraulic trolley of the system makes it suitable for any new and existing press,” says Saurabh, adding that SG50 can be installed very easily in an existing press without hampering even a single day production. Above all, when it comes to operating cost, one copy splice tail and straight line tape pattern of SG50 makes it one of most economical ARCs in the world.

SG50 is roughly 30 percent cheaper than the next comparable variant. The reel changer provides huge economic relief to any web offset printer as it facilitates lower power consumption, reduction in required area and space along with ease of handling and minimised labour cost. As on today, PRAKASH Web Offset has installed more than 100 SG50 ARCs in the production plants of leading newspapers across India.

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