German newspaper publishers and Colombian newspaper opt for new EAE and QIPC press automation systems

Q.I. Press Controls (QIPC) with Engineering Automation Electronics (EAE) has been successfully upgrading presses in the production facilities of overseas newspaper houses with their automation systems. In the list are two leading German newspaper publishers, Reiff Zeitungsdruck and Aschendorff Medien, and Columbian newspaper Vanguardia Liberal.

EAE is a sister company of QIPC. The integration of control systems of QIPC’s subsidiary is set as one of the main reasons for joining forces with the Dutch specialist in measurement and control equipment for the print industry.

Reiff Zeitungsdruck

QIPC has set to equip the Koenig & Bauer (K&B) Commander press at Reiff Zeitungsdruck with new automation system. The German regional printing company sees the Dutch specialist in measuring and control equipment for the printing industry as a safe choice for the future. In the printing company’s Offenbach plant, in central Germany, QIPC’s mRC-3D system for register and cut-off control from QIPC will replace an automation system from a local manufacturer, which is outdated and no longer supported. “It was therefore essential for us to replace that old system,” says Ewald Hauser, Managing Director of Reiff Zeitungsdruck. Marcel Wollgramm, Head of Sales at EAE said the choice of working with that local automation manufacturer was logical at a point of time, but today Reiff Zeitungsdruck is ready for a safer choice, by choosing a partner that really focuses on future technology.

Furthermore, the fact that QIPC is the preferred supplier of press manufacturer K&B played an important role in Reiff Zeitungsdruck’s decision.

Aschendorff Medien

Yet another German printing company Aschendorff Medien once again opts for press automation from QIPC. Satisfaction with the other K&B press with QIPC automation led to the obvious decision to also equip the new K&B press with the systems from the Dutch specialist. Aschendorff Medien recently bought a new K&B Commander CL press. The company has already experienced why K&B prefers QIPC on the other K&B press they use.

QIPC responds delighted to Thomas’ reconfirmation of trust. Harold Drinhuyzen, Area Sales Manager at QIPC says, “This is the best way to build end-user confidence in our technologies. Aschendorff Medien has always been a very satisfied user of our systems.

Vanguardia Liberal

Colombian newspaper Vanguardia Liberal is investing in an EAE press automation from Q.I. Press Controls (QIPC) for its recently acquired GOSS Universal 50 press. The GOSS press, which will be retrofitted by QIPC, is located at the newspaper’s printing facility in Bucaramanga, in the north of the country. The newspaper also owns a printing facility in Cartagena. Vanguardia Liberal is one of the largest Colombian daily newspapers and celebrated its 100th anniversary in September last year. The GOSS Universal 50 press, which will be retrofitted by QIPC, is located at the newspaper’s printing facility in Bucaramanga, located in the northern part of Colombia. The newspaper also owns another printing facility in Cartagena.

The GOSS press in Bucaramanga consists of ten towers and has updated EAE controls. “The integration of automation into our current software systems was very important to us,” explains Alexander Delgado, Deputy Production Manager at Vanguardia Liberal.

For the time being, six of the ten towers at Bucaramanga will be equipped with the mRC-3D colour register and cut-off control systems. A total of eighteen cameras will be installed for this purpose. “We expect to be able to equip the other four towers with the new QIPC systems in the second half of 2020, so that the entire press will be automated,” says Alexander, who is counting on a long-term and successful collaboration between Vanguardia Liberal and QIPC. “New investments in technology will strengthen us to produce quality products for the next 100 years. I believe that QIPC will become a partner that helps us to be a leader in quality printing. With the increased efficiency, we also want to be a leader in the commercial offset market,” mentioned Ronald Reedijk, Managing Director of QIPC-EAE Americas, adding, “Vanguardia Liberal is one of the largest newspapers in Colombia. We are therefore very pleased they want to join forces with us. This installation offers a lot of possibilities for the future.”

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