Hindustan Times leads readership in Delhi-NCR and Punjab

What it has revealed by the IRS (Indian Readership Survey) by MRUC, Hindustan Times takes the lead readership position in Mumbai plus Delhi-NCR with a combined Average Issue Readership (main + variant) of 24.4 lakh. In Delhi-NCR, the newspaper has re-established itself as the undisputed number one English daily for the 15th time. The daily continues to be the most read newspaper in Delhi-NCR with more than
16.2 lakh AIR, which is 36 percent higher than The Times of India.

In Punjab, Hindustan Times has made strong inroads into Punjab and has emerged as the number one English newspaper of the region with an AIR of 2.7 lakh, powering ahead of The Tribune (2.4 lakh).

In Mumbai, Hindustan Times has grown its readership significantly once again to 8.3 lakh AIR, which is nearly 70 percent of The Times of India. The daily is now the undisputed number two newspaper in the city. The survey has re-affirmed the Hindi daily Hindustan as the second largest newspaper in the country with a TR of 5.2 cr and AIR of 1.8 cr.

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