Naph Graphics presses dynamic for newspaper and book printers

For over the last 20 years, Naph Graphics is known in the Indian newspaper printing industry for their simple and cost effective range of web offset presses, now running without snag in a number of newspaper production houses, contract printers and book printing facilities. A unique trait of this Indian web offset manufacturer is its all time alertness in helping their customers to fulfill any requirement.

Always in hunt for achieving perfection, Naph Graphics works to the need of their customers, checking out what they want, either new technologies like UV or special newsprint and consumables. The company also offers attachments to suit existing presses of any make. A wide range of already built machines is a confirmation to this.

Naph Koncept (4+4 printing with underneath reel stand) is a widely accepted newspaper from the company. It runs at the speed of 30000 Cph to 36000 Cph with cut offs range of 430, 440, 450, 460, 508, 535, 546, 560, 578, 585, 610, 630, 660, 762 mm. It takes blanket thickness (with packing) of 2.05-2.07 mm and plate thickness 0.3 mm. “The press is designed with sturdy tower to print both sides four colours with underneath in-built reel stand. All eight plate cylinders’ circumferential and side register are adjustable from the operator’s side, which in turn makes attaining colour registration quickly and reduce print wastage,” says Harish Bansal, Director, Naph Graphics Pvt Ltd.

Harish Bansal
Harish Bansal

Naph Hicolor 4-Hi Tower is yet another popular web offset press from the company configured for 30000 Cph to 36000 Cph. It features staggered blanket cylinders to achieve optimum stability in colour registration and the cylinders are hardened eccentrics with housing, eliminating the wear and tear of main frames. All rolling components in the press are dynamically balanced. The press has high capacity, swing down ink fountain.

Koncept Penta (4+1 Printing Unit) is another sturdy compact unit designed to print one side 4 colour and back site single colour. This unit comes with underneath reel stand which makes it ultimate choice. This press saves a huge space and reduces web length which ultimately responsible for less print wastage. Uttarbanga Sambad, Dainik Jagaran and many other leading and widely circulated newspapers in India are long-term customers of Naph Graphics.

Latest update by Naph Graphics in the recent past has been the addition of two towers in the production plants of Uttarbanga Sambad. The newspaper earlier had two lines of 4-Hi Towers (16-page presses). Recently, both the lines were added with one tower each, which in turn made the lines capable for 20-page production. Naph presses are popular also in the neighbouring Nepal and Bangladesh.

Many book printing companies all over the country have adopted Naph presses. “We are quite active in the textbook printing market. There are a handful of leading book printing companies churning textbooks on Naph presses. West Bengal (Kolkata) and Bangladesh are two main markets for that. Sarashwati Press, Vishal Scan in Kolkata are our long-time customers,” says Harish, adding others in the list includes Sriram Printers in Chennai and some government presses in different parts of the country.

In addition to presses, Naph Graphics boasts other equipments such as highly efficient Folder based on 2:2:1 principle. Featured with jaw drum double diameter, it is featured with heavy duty timing belt drive and kicker – 0 to 99 programmable (optional). It also features electronic copy counter, safety pins for overload protection. It can run in high speed quarter folder attachment for online 1/4th fold. It is equipped with in-line creasing system for perfection in quarter folding even at high speeds.

Naph Stacker is featured long type delivery for hassle-free bundling of printed signatures. It’s robust, tailor made, semi-automatic machine which can be attached to folder of any make/model. Option to design as per required parameters like height or length or 90 degrees, Naph Stacker is user friendly design on wheels that make it very easy to shift from one machine to another, and it can be synchronised with speed of the machine.

When asked about next-level development in Naph machines, Harish says the new game in the industry is ‘automation’. He adds that they wish to make their machines better and faster for higher quality outputs, which will make complete fulfillment of what their customers want.

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