Q.I. Press Controls continues to thrive in Indian market

Q.I. Press Controls (QIPC) has been thriving in the Indian printing market, as they have recently received six new orders of mRC-3D cameras for colour register and automatic cut-off controls from some of the country’s leading printing firms. Of them, five are from Kolkata and the sixth from a firm in Bhiwandi, a city in Thane district of Maharashtra. The companies in Kolkata which have ordered QIPC’s mRC-3D cameras are CDC Printers, Sristi Graphic (two separate orders), Darpan Conclave and NAP Printers. Bhiwandi-based Print Plus made the sixth order.

Satisfied customers

Vijay Pandya, managing director of QIPC-EAE India, says it’s a promising sign that their existing clients are satisfied with their products and services. At the beginning of the summer last year, CDC Printers ordered two mRC-3D cameras for their printing plant in Kolkata. The company already had installed QIPC systems in their plant, but they required further automation on their newly added extra printing tower of Manugraph Cityline press. “CDC Printers has been one of our satisfied customers for a while now, so they further wanted our automation for their new printing tower too,” explains Vijay.

Double order

Sristi Graphic in Kolkata placed two identical orders for its two Naph presses, involving a double order for two mRC-3D cameras for colour register controls, fitted with AIMS (Automatic Ink Mist Shield). The double order marked the company’s first installation of the automated colour register system. “Thanks to the exceptional collaboration we enjoy with Naph Graphics, Sristi Graphic decided to approach us. They were quickly persuaded by the benefits of automation; waste savings and consistency of print quality,” acclaims Vijay.

NAP Printers, Kolkata
NAP Printers, Kolkata

Positive experience

Yet another printing major in Kolkata, Darpan Conclave has been using QIPC systems for years. Their positive experience with the mRC-3D system for colour register and cut-off control on a TPH Orient press meant that the company was more than willing to order two mRC-3D cameras with an identical configuration for their new TPH Orient press. “Both the systems deliver significant time and waste savings and are designed to increase quality of their production process too,” remarks Vijay, adding, “It is a promising sign that our existing clients are satisfied with our products and services. Not only does that enhance our already established reputation, it also helps ensure these companies will continue to invest in our systems.”

Decisive factor

Reputation is the decisive factor! Positive reputation of QIPC systems played an important part in the order placed by NAP Printers, which is considered to be one of the old printing firms in the region. The company was established in 1948, printing only cinema tickets and posters. Today, it has become a one-stop complete end-to-end printing solution provider, printing anything under the sun, including newspapers. “Ultimately, it’s the positive feedbacks from other users of QIPC systems that was the all-decisive factor in landing this order from NAP Printers,” says Vijay. Two mRC-3D cameras for colour register and cut-off control were installed on Manugraph Cityline press at the production facility of NAP Printers.

Savings in labour and waste

Moreover, the sixth order came from Print Plus, a widely popular printing company in Bhiwandi. The company is about to have two mRC-3D cameras for colour register on their Prakash web offset press. Adoption of the automation system will help the company lead to considerable savings in labour cost and help reduce waste.

Quite active in the newspaper and magazine printing industry, QIPC has developed and delivered innovative, high-quality optical measures and control systems. Total solutions of QIPC are supported by a worldwide service network and the company’s reliable systems are proven in the market of existing and new printing presses and offer structural better results.

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