TechNova expands installation base of ThermoStar T9 thermal platesetter during pandemic times

TechNova Imaging Systems has clearly established the benchmark in thermal plate production with ThermoStar T9 thermal platesetters. Be it newspaper printer, packaging printer, service bureau or in-house commercial printer, ThermoStar T9 is ideal for them to integrate seamlessly in their existing setups to produce quality that meets the need of every customer.

In choosing ThermoStar T9 over any other thermal platesetter in the market, Vishal commented that TechNova is a brand everyone can trust for value and quality, that’s why it was not difficult in making decision to go for ThermoStar T9.

The company expanded the installation base of its ThermoStar T9 thermal platesetter during the pandemic period. Over the last few months, a number of printers comprising a newspaper printer in different parts of India have invested in ThermoStar T9 which features fully customisable workflow solutions. The list includes Oruma Printers & Publishers in Thrissur, Kumar Offset and Design O Xperts in Delhi, to mention a few.

Oruma Printers & Publishers

Located in Chiyyaram, near Thrissur city in Kerala, Oruma Printers & Publishers is recognised as one of the leading newspaper and magazine printers in the region. The company engages in other commercial print jobs as well.Taking part into the global trend of adopting thermal technology, Oruma Printers & Publishers has recently invested in TechNova’s ThermoStar T9 thermal platesetter.

CK Shoukathali, Director, Oruma Printers & Publishers, said that they decided to go for the high-speed ThermoStar T9 to meet the increasing demands for high-quality prints from their customers. The company has been associated with TechNova for a long time. Shoukathali said that it all started in their pre-press division was with a VioStar violet CtP machine from TechNova which is a sole supplier of all their pre-press requirements like plates, chemicals, software and others.

Shoukathali continued to say that the adoption of the ThermoStar T9 has boosted their pre-press division to a new level. It has tremendously improved their overall pre-press activities, for example, 30 percent in plate output time. He also mentioned that the team TechNova had done an outstanding installation job as the thermal platesetter was up and made it run within 12 days of installation.

Some of the major newspapers and magazines printed at Oruma Printers & Publishers include Madhyamam, The New Indian Express, Thrishivaperoor Express, Rashtra Dheepika, Mirror, Kudumbam, Jnanmabhoomi, Kerala Vartha and others. The company also serves as a service bureau for the printers in Thrissur and its adjoining areas where there is no such service available.

Kumar Offset Printers

Delhi-based Kumar Offset Printers is also a proud user of ThermoStar T9. The company, until July 2020, faced trouble in getting plates from a third partywhichin turn caused delay in delivery and discrepancy in quality.Vishal Arora of Kumar Offset Printers mentioned that to get rid of the trouble they constantly faced they finally decided to upgrade their in-house pre-press unit with the adoption of TechNova’s ThermoStar T9.

Vishal further said that they used to outsource nearly 40 plates per day. However, after the adoption of ThermoStar T9, everything got smoother and the company’s printing plate consumption has gone up to 90 plates per day. When asked about the reason why they chose ThermoStar T9 over any other thermal platesetter in the market, Vishal commented that TechNova is a brand everyone can trust for value and quality, that’s why it was not difficult in making decision to go for ThermoStar T9.

Incepted in the year 1968, Kumar Offset Printers was then called Saraswati Printers with its office in Gandhi Nagar. It shifted its base to Patparganj Industrial Area in 2004 serving for customers from diverse segments, viz. bookpublishing, commercial printing, packaging printing and others.

Other than Thermostar T9 in the pre-press division, the machine portfolio in the production facility of Kumar Offset Printers consists of a four-colour Heidelberg press of 28×40 inch, two single-colour Heidelberg presses of 25×36-inch and one four-colour Heidelberg of 20×28-inch. The post-press division is equipped with Stahl and MBO folding machines, Aster sewing machines, Wohlenberg three-knife trimmer, Polar cutting machines, Muller Martini flowline, etc.

Design O Xperts

Yet another Delhi-based printerwhich has ventured into in-house printing plate production with Thermostar T9 thermal palatesetter is Design O Xperts. In his comment on the adoption of the thermal platesetter from TechNova Imaging Systems, which was installed in January 2020, Anubhav Sahni of Design O Xperts mentioned that in-house printing plate production was a missing ingredient in their production facility.

Anubhav added that they used to outsource printing plates, which proved to be a challenge for them to make on-time deliveries. This was the main reason why they decided to adopt an in-house plate exposing system and invested in Thermostar T9. He emphasised the fact that the newly adopted TechNova thermal platesetter has taken the company’s consumption of printing plates to a new high. They now consume near about 170 plates a day as compared to 120 when outsourcing, achieving around 15 percent growth of conversion.

Established in 2009, almost from a zero level, Design O Xperts keeps expanding its machine portfolio from time to time. The company can convert around 150 tonnes of paper and board per month. Most of the companies in their clientele are big brands from the pharmaceutical sector. A team of 80 experienced professionals is the forte behind the success of Design O Xperts.

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