Advertisements promoting sustainability of newspapers

WAN-IFRA’s World Printers Forum published a special report on ‘The Sustainability of Newspapers’ in partnership with Two Sides, an international organisation that promotes the sustainability of the graphic communications supply chain. The report looks at the sustainability attributes of key raw material for printed newspaper and compared it with that of the sustainability of online delivery of news and that of other related industry. The effort was to counter misconception about the sustainability of printed newspapers and magazines and the belief that buying newspapers and magazines leads to deforestation.

In continuation of this effort and to take forward this message to newspaper readers and advertisers, WAN-IFRA and Two Sides are releasing set of the advertisements for India region promoting sustainability of newspaper as discussed in the report. In India, January 29 is observed as ‘Indian Newspaper Day’. The set of advertisements is a gesture commemorating the birth of newspapers in India. WAN-IFRA believes this will help the growth of the newspaper industry and the sustainable future. For more information about the Love Paper campaign, or to request additional adverts, write to:

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