First Draft opens offices in London and New York to combat information disorder globally

First Draft, an organisation dedicated to supporting journalists, academics and technologists, working to address challenges relating to trust and truth in the digital age, has opened offices in London and New York to combat information disorder globally. The company is recruiting for editorial, research, training and digital production positions to support collaborative verification throughout the world in 2019. The company is building on their pioneering work around elections in the US, France, UK, Germany, Brazil and Nigeria to support the development of sustainable, collaborative efforts globally in 2019.

Planning to support projects in Argentina, Australia, Canada, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Spain and Uruguay, plus a cross-border project to investigate misinformation tactics and trends in Europe, First Draft has to announce new jobs in their London and New York offices. The company hosts a global verification and collaborative investigation network through its CrossCheck International initiative and continuously develops online and offline trainings designed to expand and embed best practices in newsrooms and journalism schools around the world.

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