Malawi Media Freedom Committee officially launched

The launch of the Malawi Media Freedom Committee (MFC) underlines the importance of a free press in holding power to account. On October 14, a digital room was full of media professionals waiting for the big announcement: the launch of the Malawi Media Freedom Committee (MFC).

MFC Chairman Gracian Tukula began the conference by detailing the newly formed MFC’s goals and objectives, such as the documentation and advocacy of media freedom and of maintaining a local focus with the tools of a global network. There are currently eight other MFC chapters in Africa alone, 20 globally.

Co-chairperson Habiba Osman continued the conversation by explaining the MFC’s plans to build up the capacity of its members through peer-to-peer workshops and by networking with other MFC chapters across the continent. Their other objectives include working on critical topics not often addressed such as mental health and wellness as well as to continue fundraising for local causes. The conference was led by the guest of honor, the commissioner of the Malawi Human Rights Committee, Baldwin Chiyamwaka.

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