Commander from Koenig & Bauer for French printing house L´Est Républicain

French printing house L´Est Républicain is investing in the future as a brand new press hall is being built in Houdemont, near Nancy, to accommodate a Commander press line from Koenig & Bauer. It has been earmarked to replace two older Miller-Nohab presses. Koenig & Bauer will organise and realise relocation of the press from Belgium to France. At the same time, an additional web lead is to be added to the Commander to further optimise the customer’s production options.

Alongside the daily newspaper L´Est RÉPUBLICAIN with ten different regional sections, the company also prints other titles like LE RÉPUBLICAIN LORRAIN and VOSGES MATIN. A total of 1.7 million newspapers are printed every week at L´Est Républicain, which is a member of EBRA Media Group. EBRA publishes nine regional dailies that are produced at four different print centres. Commander comprises a motorised Patras A reel-handling system, nine four-high towers for 4×4 production and three KF 5 jaw folders. The double quarterfold capabilities of the press guarantee a high output with magazine formats and mailing-fold products. The press also incorporates ABB console and MPS system as latest hardware and software solutions.

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