Daily Mirror grows multifold online but missing newsroom fun

Mirror Online grew by one billion page views in 2020 but its editor Alison Phillips says they miss fun of newsroom. She revealed that the Mirror website drove one billion extra page views in 2020 compared to the year before, although this was not down to pandemic news alone but a general rise in demand. Meanwhile she said millions people still buy the print paper each month despite being told to stay at home for months during lockdown.

In December 2020, Daily Mirror sold 381,000 copies per day, down 16 percent year on year. This growth was achieved with staff entirely at home since March – unlike some other publishers, even its top editors have continued working remotely throughout. But Alison spoke of the importance of being in the newsroom and what journalists are missing. She mentioned that the other thing that’s possibly quite undervalued but is actually hugely important is the fun—something about being a journalist that is a real laugh.

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