Reuters Institute highlights new technologies, digital business models for 2018

Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism in collaboration with University of Oxford announces that media companies in 2018 will shift how they interact with consumers, creating more personal relationships in preparation for more personalised services. As the ability to process and effectively use data becomes more important, many platforms will strive to ensure their reputations are conveyed and interpreted accurately. The fine line between controlling “fake news” and censorship will be a hot topic in 2018, as many platforms come under fire for misleading advertising and propaganda. This presents an enormous challenge for companies as they work toward removing damaging content while still allowing freedom of speech.

More than 190 CEOs, editors and digital leaders were surveyed for their thoughts on journalism, media and technology trends in 2018. While half (44 percent) said they are more worried about the influence of online platforms such as social media, 36 percent agreed that resistance to the power of these platforms, and other emerging media formats, is actually the biggest ‘barrier to success’. In an attempt to keep up with emerging technologies and media trends, organisations are embracing them.

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