Washington DC to host 88th Annual INMA World Congress of News Media

The 88th Annual INMA World Congress of News Media has set to organise from May 31—June 6, 2018 in Washington, DC. This addition of the congress is taking attendees to the most talked-about city on the earth where the fake flirts with the fearless and where the social has been anti-social of late and where quantity has tried (and failed) to thwart quality. News media is renewing with re-discovered relevance worldwide … yet nowhere more so than Washington, DC. This will be what the congress will hold, indispensably for strategists, catalysts, audience-builders, and revenue executives from the leading news media companies.

Yet INMA picked Washington DC for a particular reason: to make an impact on an industry conversation about credibility, transparency, authenticity, and trust—and how to build a business model around these pillars. Another big reason why the congress chose the city is for the fact that it has a robust media scene where there is opportunity in the challenges presented by an administration constantly challenging media values.

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